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What the parents say…

My Fair Lady Youth Production • 2016

“A huge, huge thank you to you and all at the company for all you did to make these last few weeks so special for Molly. She had a wonderful time and grew in so many ways. And, the performance was spectacular. Although she is mighty young, this is a world she adores and plans on staying in, so odds are she will see you all some more! I hope!”

“I wanted to let you know how wonderful the show was and how very much Brooke LOVED being a part of it. Please give all of the instructors a big “thank you.”

Teens in your program are supportive of each other and enjoy being part of a talented ensemble! I’m not sure what you’re doing to foster this supportive environment, but the result is wonderful! My daughter is loving her summer—just wish the teen program had more than one session!”

South Pacific Youth Production • 2015

“Thank you so much — Paula enjoyed the group and felt she learned a lot. She’d love to come back next summer.”

“This has been a fabulous experience for Bela. She’s loved every minute and is talking about next year already! We really appreciate the enthusiasm and dedication of all the adults involved in making this happen.”

“I am extremely impressed. It is beyond excellent and I cannot thank you enough.”

“Your organization does a great job of nurturing the passion and enhancing the skills of the student actors.”

“Thank you and the entire staff for working so closely with the cast. You empowered them to believe in their talents and to push themselves to be their best! This production helped Eliana gain self-confidence and develop some very close friendships that I believe she will have for a long time.”

Fiddler on the Roof Youth Production • 2014

“It’s amazing what you were able to accomplish with only 2-1⁄2 weeks of production. I also loved that you had the kids work on other material—a monologue and music selection. That is very unusual in a summer program like this. You helped them grow not just with their characters but as performers in general. Sara also loved the people involved and thought they became a very close group on such a short time.”

“I wanted to say ‘thanks’ and ‘kudos’ to your team for launching a great summer theater opportunity for teens. Our son enjoyed it al—from the insights shared by visiting professionals, to the great theatrical training, to the final production, to the professional cast coming on stage to personally congratulate the next generation of thespians (wow, that was really beautiful). It was nothing short of genius for you to leverage your professional cast, stage, and sets to attract teens…other training centers for high schoolers can’t offer that.”

“We thought the show was AMAZING! All our friends and family (about 30 of us) thought it was one of the most professional young adult shows we have ever seen. Sabrina had a wonderful time—she gained confidence, made some great friends and had an outstanding musical experience.”

“Our son had a wonderful time in the teen program this summer. The opportunity to work with professional staff, perform at a prestigious venue, and gain valuable stage experience made this program stand out from some of the other summer options we had considered for AJ. There was a nice balance between instructional time and production rehearsal time. The kids also had time to bond and develop friendships that have extended beyond the end of the workshop. We would definitely recommend this teen program to others.”


From a teen cast member…

“The experience was invaluable to me as a young actor—from the insights shared by guest artists to the one-on-one workshops to the end product complete with beautiful sets, authentic costumes and professional crew. First-rate training!”


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Youth Lady photo
My Fair Lady youth cast • 2016

Youth Pacific photo
South Pacific youth production • 2015

Youth Fiddler photo
Fiddler on the Roof youth production • 2014

Youth Lady photo 2
My Fair Lady youth production • 2016